A NeuroDevelopmental Guide To Positioning and Handling the Premature,Fragile or Sick Infant
is an instructional guide with beautiful color pictures illustrating each point throughout all 112 pages. This guide was written as a labor of love over the course of many years. My vision has always been to present the best possible information in a concise, practical, down to earth and non-biased way so that it can be used immediately and directly to help infants and their professional bedside caregivers (MD’s, RN’s, developmental specialists, RT’s, PT’s, OT’s, SLP’s, etc)  on an everyday basis. It is my fondest wish that any section in this guide can be read independently and that the “Putting It To Practice” ideas can be used straight away at the bedside: in a neonatal intensive care unit, special care nursery, pediatric intensive care unit, pediatric rehab setting, pediatric long term care facility or even in the infant’s own home. The purpose of this guide is to expand the realm of knowledge and expertise related to neurodevelopmental care practice, most specifically therapeutic positioning and handling intervention, among caregivers who take care of fragile and sick infants. The goal is to have an immediate and positive impact on the trained caregiver who will, in turn, ultimately benefit the patients and families entrusted to their care.  
This guide is, ultimately, divided into three global components. The first component is educational and discusses in detail the neuromotor maturation process of the preterm, fragile or sick infant. The second component is offered as a comprehensive “how-to” guide for using specialized therapeutic infant positioning aids along with specific guidelines and suggestions for handling fragile infants. The third component of this guide is filled with actual samples. This section hopes to give you some tools to help with developing your own positioning and handling program in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) or special care nursery (SCN). There are several ideas  included in this part of the manual that have proven to be successful over time and in many NICU’s and SCN’s where I have provided training programs or where I have functioned as a bedside developmental therapist and unit-specific occupational therapist.  Some of the samples that you will find included are: an extensive positioning and handling competency check-off tool for gauging and monitoring NICU or SCN staff skill level, bedside infant developmental care plans, a step-by-step guide for transferring a fragile infant to kangaroo care, a guideline for setting up a NICU positioning and handling initiative, launching a kangaroo care initiative and much, much more. The following pages contain the table of contents and several comments from people who have bought the book!

SECTION 1                                                                   1
A Baby’s Story

SECTION 2                                                                   4
I.    Positioning the High Risk Infant
II.   Neuromotor Maturation of the Preterm or Fragile Infant
• Movement
• Tone and Posture
• Neuromotor Development by Gestational Age
• Reflexes
• Infant Cues

SECTION 3                                                                 19
Therapeutic Positioning to Support Infant Development, Homeostasis & Sleep
• Global Considerations, Primary Goals, Key Points to Remember
• Possible Adverse Effects and Positional  Deformities
• Developmentally Supportive Positioning Guidelines
• Positioning Precautions and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)
• Positioning Aids Primer and Guidelines

SECTION 4                                                                 66
Developmentally Supportive Handling
• Basic Principles
• Facilitated Tuck
• Swaddled Bathing – Putting It To Practice
• Kangaroo Care – Putting It To Practice
• Common Procedures At The Bedside

SECTION 5                                                                 80
• Positioning & Handling Program Development in the NICU – The Positioning Team’s Role
• Staff Developmental Skills Check Off: Basic Positioning and Handling Skills
• Fragile Infant Bedside Plan
• Stable Infant Bedside Plan
• General Therapeutic Recommendations and Goals for the Bedside
• Launching a Kangaroo Care Initiative in the Hospital
• Sample copy of Kangaroo Care policy/guidelines
• Sample step-by-step guide: Transfer of Infant to Kangaroo Care

SECTION 6                                                                100
I.    Resources for Products

What people are saying:

You will find this book to be both instructional and useful, a necessary tool for any caregiver that touches a premature or sick baby in the intensive care setting. Principals of positioning, tips for the caregiver and real life examples makes this book a “must have” for any NICU nurse or neonatal therapist!”
-- Chrysty Sturdivant, OTR
President & Cofounder
Neonatal Therapy Solutions

“After reading this thorough and useful guide, I was able to easily translate proper positioning techniques into everyday practice in the NICU. The pictures and step-by-step instructions made it simple for me to take the knowledge into my unit and teach parents and co-workers developmentally sound methods for caring for sick and premature babies. I immediately felt and saw the difference it made in the babies’ day to day lives.”
-- Casey Brown, Pediatric/NICU RN BSN

This book is beautifully written. The author clearly describes developmental care techniques which are an essential component in caring for our tiniest babies. It is an important reminder to those of us who work in the NICU setting that through developmentally appropriate care we can help shape the future of our infants. This step-by-step guide to providing developmentally appropriate care for neonates is a must read for anyone who works in a NICU.”
-- Karen Lidoshore Fuld, DO
Attending Neonatologist, Lenox Hill Hospital, Manhattan

I love your book and couldn't put it down all the way back to San Diego on my plane trip. Thank you for taking the time to write it all down for the benefit for all of us "out here." Lots of great information and illustrations! Thanks again,
-- Beverly  San Diego, California

Thank you for such an amazing book on positioning! Everyone at work is in love with it and I was wondering if you would be interested in sending me a few more.  
I am still asking around, but I would probably buy another 10 from you.  
Hoping everything is well with you and you continue your great work!
Isabelle  Quebec, Canada

I would like to order a second copy for my unit. I love your book! Thank you - Diane
Bellevue, WA