As a highly trained and experienced developmental specialist, Dana is able to offer special training to parents or caregivers of babies transitioning from the NICU to home.

What Would Be Best for You?
Individual one-to-one training
Small groups
Parent support/education
In your home or in my office

Dana's goal is to individually tailor a program or learning opportunity that will best meet your specific need; be it help with:
● optimal positioning and handling for your baby's development of motor skills, overall muscle tone, movement patterns and brain development
● modifying the environment to facilitate your baby's self calming skills, sleeping patterns, sensory processing and best ever early brain architecture.
● best practice for breast feeding, bottle feeding and oral motor/oral sensory skills
● premature infant bathing and massage techniques
● identifying individual infant stress cues and how to minimize them
● guiding your choice of toys and activities for age appropriate stimulation and learning opportunities
● problem solving whatever else you might need concerning your baby's development and skill set