"We are forever indebted to Dana Fern for helping our daughter Alice, who is now 4, become 'an eater.' Alice had multiple digestive and sensory issues and Dana, who started working with Alice when she was eight-weeks old, and us as first-time parents, was so patient and so loving -- and so right -- that Alice would be an eater. We, as parents, never imagined how long it would take, but Dana knew that this was going to be a multi-year process and she was wise and kind and with us every step-of-the-way. From the bottle, to solid foods, to meals -- each step was a challenge for our daughter who had a g-tube. And at each step Dana not only kept Alice from developing a food aversion but she kept her moving forward. Alice was always happy to see Dana because she is encouraging and upbeat -- and we feel amazed and blessed that she truly gave our daughter the ability to nourish herself". -- Sally & Rachel, parents of Alice. UWS, Manhattan

"Dana has been our first son’s feeding therapist for the past 2.5 years. She is simply a miracle worker. We thank our lucky stars that we found her and that she had agreed to take Michael on as a client when she did. By the time we found her, we had held numerous sessions with several OTs in Boston (where we had moved from) and here in Manhattan and achieved little success in improving his feeding condition. 
Due to being born with a rare gastro-intestinal and growth disorder, Michael vomited a dozen times a day for the first three years of his life - so much so that he became "scared" to eat, not to mention not having developed the appropriate set of muscles or skills to help him chew and swallow properly.  When we first met Dana, he could not tolerate anything but thin liquids in his mouth. The idea of having him eat sufficiently on his own in a social setting without any assistance was unimaginable. Michael is now relishing egg salad on multi-grain bread, rice and beans, and chips with guacamole – and this is in school amongst his peers! Dana helped him achieve this by steadily building up his tolerance, skills, and most importantly, his confidence.  In addition to being exceptional at what she does, she has a heart of gold. My son loves her and respects her at the same time – which is also key to why she has been so successful with him. My husband and I honestly do not know what we would have done or where we would be right now if Dana has not been a part of our lives."
-- Hannah and Michael Sr, mother & father of Michael, age 5, Manhattan

"From the moment you meet Dana, no matter how big or small your child's issue is, you know she will be there to support and guide you. Dana continues to be a knowledgeable resource and trusted friend, we are forever grateful!" -- Jenny and Barry, parents of Lyla (2 years old), Manhattan

"We met Dana a year ago when our son, who was 12 months old, had been hard to feed and was refusing to finger feed himself. Since Dana started working with him, we quickly noticed marked improvements. He went from not touching food, refusing to feeding himself or even holding his bottle to a happy toddler who is now able to tolerate all kinds of textures and finger feeds anything from bananas to chips & dip! Dana provided us with lots of tips about how to handle the situation at home in a peaceful and understanding manner. She relieved much of our anxiety around the issue and normalized it for us. Dana provides both parents and children with lots of patience, love and understanding. She is honest but always makes you feel comfortable and hopeful, because, as she will let you know: there is always a solution. Dana has become an important part of our son's life and we will forever be grateful to her." -- mom of Eli (2 years old)

"I feel so lucky to have found Dana as a feeding therapist for my son Brandon.  When Dana first started with us, my son Brandon who is now 3 ½ was extremely orally defensive and it was impossible to even get a spoon near his mouth without him becoming hysterical, even attempting to put him in a high chair was a battle. Now Brandon will sit with Dana in his high chair for up to an hour and he's happy to do it. He is eating 2-6ozs of  soft purees at a time with her as well as a mashed up banana, she is even able to brush his teeth which was an impossible feet just 6 months ago. Dana is so amazing to work with because she gets Brandon started on something new and then provides me with the guidance to carry it over.  Not only is Dana one of the best feeding therapists out there but she is always a strong shoulder for myself to lean on, she is emotionally supportive to myself and my whole family.  Any child would be fortunate to have Dana on their team." -- Brandon’s mom, Manhattan